Friday, December 17, 2010

Christmas in Sin Junction

Office Tony Samoni was getting ready for Christmas. He celebrated the holiday because of how thankful he was for the reason behind it. Christmas was to celebrate the birth of Jesus though many in Sin Junction used the holiday only as a reason to buy presents for one another. Tony liked to decorate his house so he could use that as a way to explain why he celebrated. He had already put up several festive pictures and had a train running on tracks near the front door. He had lights all over the outside and a cross in the window. He was just putting the finishing touches on the tree when he noticed Triniti and Kaeli Adderson coming towards the house. They had a look of concern as they approached the door. "Come here to help"?, asked Tony.

The girls had actually come for a little help from Tony, the Sheriff of Sin Junction. Triniti told Tony that they had just seen Buford, who had recently repented and trusted in Jesus, and that he was sad. Apparently Buford was sad because he was talking to some of his non-believing friends and was unable to simply convey to them a way to prove God's existence. Triniti and Kaeli did not want to be in the same situation so they came to see Tony Samoni. Tony had the girls look around at all the decorations for a few minutes before finally saying anything. That gave the girls time to see the train, the pictures on the wall, and the ornaments hung neatly on the tree.

He asked the girls what they saw. The girls answered, "Christmas decorations and a train our little brother, Aedan, would love"!
"Let's look a little closer", said Officer Tony. "Look at the train. It's wheels go round and round and the grooves on the wheels help it follow the tracks. You can't see the designer, but it's obvious that the train had one."
Tony went over to the tree. "Do you girls think these ornaments got neatly arranged here by some random windstorm?" "Do you think I just threw them all up at once and the landed like that on the tree?"
"That would be silly!", the girls tried to say through their laughter.
After the two sisters had calmed themselves, Tony continued,"Now take a look at those pictures of Santa Clause".
"I like that one!", Kaeli exclaimed as she pointed to the one of Santa and Rudolph.
"Ya it's nice", Tony answered then asked, "Did it have a painter?"
"Of course", the girls said.
"That's right, the painting proves there was a painter or an artist", Tony said.
"Just like with this house we are standing in. The building proves there was a builder!" Triniti said, excited that she was getting it.

Tony was happy that the girls understood what he was saying. They realized that the world had all of those qualities. The creation proves there was a Creator. The colors that make up the sky and the trees look like art show that there had to be an Artist. The fact that the planets and sun never collide and that there is a perfect amount of oxygen for us to breath prove order. If something is in order, there has to be an Orderer. The design of our body and its functions prove that there was a Designer.

Tony helped the girls that day so that they would be ready to prove to people God exists. They went right away to share what they had learned with Buford and then their family. Now you are equipped to defend your faith in a simple way. Make sure you share with someone who may not know so you can help them too!